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A man with sweat on his chest

Shield Men’s Roll-Ons

Whether it’s rushing to meetings all day, action cricket with the guys, or active family time - the roll-on deodorant is for the man on a roll.

Shield’s ball-type technology in our men’s roll-on deodorant range, follows the contours of your body, allowing you to spread an even layer of liquid across areas you’re looking to freshen up.

What’s more, it’s portable, and can be applied anytime, for a quick freshen-up, any time one of those pesky sweaty moments comes up.

Shield’s vast range of innovative roll-ons runs the range of world-class protection against odour and sweat, housed in the freshest, longest lasting fragrances for men.

From Shield Men Invisible Germ Defence, to Invisible Fresh, Invisible Black + White, Fresh Xtra Cool, and our gentler Even Tone offering, we have the men’s roll-on deodorant range that ensures you’re always spoiled for choice.

How Do Men’s Roll-On Deodorants Help Prevent Sweat?

Each is formulated to deliver on a number of benefits, ensuring that Shield’s roll-ons continually lead the active antiperspirant and deodorant space. These benefits include:

  • No sweat and no odour – just protection 
  • MotionActivated technology – the more you move, the better you’re protected 
  • Germ defence
  • Anti-stain and Anti-mark technology 
  • Great scents that complement your personal style

How Long Do Men’s Roll-On Deodorants And Antiperspirants Last?

Each entry into the Shield range, is specially formulated with long-lasting germ defence, odour prevention and sweat preventing technology.

Our core range of products will give you no sweat, no odour protection for up to 72 hours – all built into a fresh, clean scent. You’ll find the men’s roll-on that not only gives you sweat protection but will leave you smelling great.

For up to 48 hours defence and added vitamin B3 that’s kinder on your skin, try the Shield Men Even Tone men’s roll-on antiperspirant.

For the heavy sweater needing extra moisture and odour control, Shield’s Clinical Strength range – Ultra Fresh and Ultra Dry - will ensure you get a massive 96 hour protection.

Shield antipersperiant and deodorant range of odour and sweat beating products and read on our Shield 72 hours protection claim supported by the regulatory board.

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