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Excessive Sweat Protection

You’re a busy guy, you want to stay fresh and dry all day long. From the office to the gym, even at home playing with the kids – those uncomfortable sweaty moments could come at any time.

So, the active man needs an antiperspirant or deodorant product that protects him from excessive sweating, in those moments when he needs it the most.

Our innovative range of men’s antiperspirants and deodorants are more than just sprays and roll-ons that mask odour and reduce sweating. They work by breaking down smelly bacteria, and they protect against excessive sweat, to leave you fresh and dry all day long.

Which Antiperspirant Or Deodorant Is Best For Men?

The Shield Men range also offers choice in functional benefits, crafted and tailored to your very specific sweat and odour control needs. These include:

Long-Lasting Freshness

From our core range that clocks in at 72-hour Protection, to our Even Tone range that gives you gentle protection for 48 hours, and then our clinical offering, with a whopping 96 hour protection - three times stronger than regular antiperspirants.

Even Tone – Easy On The Skin

The Shield Men Even Tone antiperspirant has a vitamin B3 formula added to the mix. This works to clear uneven skin tone, and with continued use, can reduce underarm marks in just seven days.

Give a high-five with confidence and enjoy the benefits of 48-hour protection against sweating with the Shield Men Even Tone Antiperspirant Roll-on and the antiperspirant aerosol deodorant.

Mark And Stain Prevention

Shield’s Anti-mark and anti-stain technology has been developed in our Black + White range of antiperspirants.

Each is highly effective at protecting your formal or casual black and white clothes from the stains that come from excessive sweat, all the while keeping you dry, fresh and smelling great.

How Men's Antiperspirants And Deodorants Help Prevent Sweat And Odour?

Drawing from our pioneering research, we’ve developed a no sweat, no odour technology that promotes increased movement – MotionActivated.

The science behind this groundbreaking technology is brilliant. Motion triggers the body to warm up, initiating sweating via thermoregulation. When this happens, our antiperspirant dissolves to form a sweat-preventing barrier to keep you fresh and dry for longer.

Shield has developed men’s antiperspirant and deodorant technology into an ever-evolving force for freshness. Now more than ever, with Shield, you get antiperspirant technologies that don’t merely mask or cover – they’re deodorants that now also provide full efficacy in sweat protection, clothing protection, and in long-lasting, fresh scents.

Choose Shield today. If you’re still not sure which Shield product is right for you, you can look through our full range of Shield Men.