Germ defence

Shield Germ Defence

Bad odour is caused by germs. Fight it with NEW Shield Germ Defence equipt with MotionSense™ technology.

Heart notes of elemi, ginger and pink peppercorn gives the female fragrance its distinctive, natural scent, while background notes of amber, musk and sandalwood ensure a finish of elegance.

Giving you 10x more protection against odour causing germs*. *Protection against representative odour causing skin germs (Staphylococcus epidermidis) versus use of a regular soap alone.

A fresh, bergamot citrus sparkle gives vibrancy to the masculine blend of aromatic herbs in the male fragrance.

The science

Germ defence

Germ defence

Bad body odour is caused by bacteria. Stay protected with New Shield Germ Defence.

10x more protection

Certain germs survive and grow in moist & humid environments, like our armpits. New Shield Germ Defence fights odour causing germs.

Shield Motionsense

Introducing: The world’s first antiperspirant activated by movement - the more you move, the harder it works to keep you fresh and dry.