Beauty At Home

Get Your Shield on for Confidence at Home and Beyond


Moving with confidence starts at home

Before you step out and face the world, put on some Shield Superior Protection from your favourite Shield deo. With it, you’ll be able to bring your confident best-self into the world and #MoveWithConfidence wherever you go!


Own the week with Shield, starting with #MotivationalMonday!

Start your week right, from the comfort of your home by moving your way with Shield Superior Protection. The mantra of ‘moving your way’ is all about staying focused on your personal goals to start every week strong.

With Shield you can trust that you’ll start your week fresh and have the confidence to keep pushing forward, with a deodorant that won’t let you down.


Keep it moving with our top tips!

Remember these helpful Beauty At Home tips:

1) Set specific, achievable goals for each day - then do your best to stick to them.

2) Make sure you have the things you’ll need ready for what you intend to do that day. Include items that’ll keep things fun, like a music player or your favourite healthy drink.

3 ) Include your support network in your activities - this will help you have more fun and stay more motivated.

4) Don’t forget to set aside some quiet time to soothe your mind - finding your balance is the key.

5) Always remember to stay hydrated, so drink enough water!

6) Keep a basic log of the activities you’ve accomplished each day - looking back is a great way to remind yourself about progress made and helping you stick to the #MoveWithConfidence motto.