• 24-hour protection from odour and wetness.
  • At work and on the sports field, it won’t let you down.
  • Shield Men Cool Dry Roll On

    Shield Cool Dry Roll-On

    Shield’s Cool Dry roll-on with MotionSense™ is a world first that gives off fragrance while you move, invigorating and refreshing you.

  • Shield Cool Dry Aerosol

    Shield Cool Dry Aerosol

    Shield’s Cool Dry aerosol with MotionSense™ technology gives off an invigorating fragrance and freshness while you move.

  • Shield Male Cool Roll on

    Shield Cool Roll-On

    Shield’s Cool roll-on anti-perspirant with 24 hour protection invigorates and refreshes all day long.

  • Shield Male Cool Roll on Refill Sachet

    Shield Cool Sachet

    Shield’s Cool roll-on anti-perspirant refill gives 24 hour protection while saving you money.